Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Get Caught Reading!

This year we will be featuring our favorite senior Raiders "getting caught" reading during their favorite activities!!
Stop by and see what they are up to.
Their pictures will be framed and featured on the ends of the bookcases where the bulletin boards just to be. A large class picture will also be appearing on the back wall of the Library in one of our new "NOOKS"!
Where did your Senior "get caught'?

What's Today?

Just a quick shout out!

Tons of things have been going on since school started and it has been crazy busy getting into the swing of everything.

I am totally loving watching all the children explode with excitement about reading!!! They are little reading machines and it is so fun to watch them all bloom!!

If you haven't stopped by to see the renovations made - swing by and say hi!

A BIG thanks to the PTO, The Jeanie Pope Family, Courtney Applewhite and wink, wink for helping make the reading nooks possible this year! They are a HUGE hit with everyone!!!

Stop by every so often to see what's new in our little corner of Raider Land!!