Saturday, June 20, 2015


Ok so I have been working - we'll sort of - reading actually; I mean it is my job , righ? So I have been reading and lounging sinc e school got out and have finished about 5 books total. 

BUT yesterday I started Paper Towns by John Green - who I have adored since reading The fault In Our Stars last summer. Anyhow, I can't put it down so I probably won't get much done this weekend until I finish it. LOL 

I love the face it counts as 1. a book a friend Tecommended to you ( cause of one of the kiddos at school say I HAD to read it!) 2. A book being made into a movie

So I like looked up the trailer on You Tube which of course basically shows me what I have already read last night .... BUT I love adding the real life images to what I have read. 

SO ..... If you are looking for a great YA Read for your summer reading. And have not read Paper Towns .... Get a copy!!!!! 

I give it 
And I am only half way through the whole story and YES I will be hitting the theaters at the end of July to see my book come to life!!!!

Friday, June 12, 2015

A Little Summer Fun

I'd like to live in Adams Grove, VA  ...... after reading The Adams Grove Series written by Nancy Naigle. I simply have fallen in love with this fictional town ... well sort of.

 I pass the sign for Adams Grove right off the side of Route 58 heading to Emporia. Ever since I put the sign and the stories together I have wanted ... no longed to make that right hand turn off the interstate to check it out. So the other day I finally made that turn.

I was alone and on the way to Wrightsville Beach to see my favorite college buddy and her kiddos for the week. Alone, riding , singing at the top of my lungs to a mix of songs on the iPod ..... I made that turn not knowing what I'd find. 

The fictional town I had come to love ... was it there? Nope! But the landscape was beautiful. Field after field untouched ... crops growing ... beautiful scenery.  I did find a sign to stop and take a selfie with to show I was there. 

I was glad I took the time to make the turn, leave my regular beaten path and take a minute to enjoy the scenery. 

If you have NOT read any of Nancy Naigle's books .... take a minute ... you be glad you took the time to make  a right turn as well right into Adams Grove. 

Nancy Naigle  at Amazon 

Mother's Day Gift

What an excellent gift!!!! 

The year long wait was finally up for the newest Mark Kay Andrews' book BEACH TOWN! Usually I have to wait a week after school gets out for the release of her newest book, BUT this year that wait was cut short! LUCKY ME!!!!

Lucky and not so lucky! 

Mary Kay was in Raleigh right in the middle of our Book Fair at school so I couldn't sneak away and go see her at Qual Ridge Books, but a quick phone call and the girls at the shop were totally taking care of me .... Could I order an autographed book? Of course!! So my mom ordered me one for my bookshelf and of course for her to read as well. ;)

Beach Town :

Greer is one the search for the perfect place to film Hollywood's next biggest film. The perfect spot lands her in a sleepy little town on the Florida coast - Cypress Key.  It's a town that time has almost forgotten which is the charm  the director is searching for.

Greer has thought to have met her match when she goes up  the mayor of this sleepy little coastal town, Eben Thibadeaux. She wants to breathe life into this sweet town with this big budget film and Eb wants life to continue as it has for years - nice and quiet.

In their continuous battle back and forth between , they find out that love isn't just for the big screen. Is there really a happily ever after in real life too?

Summer Computer Fun

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