Saturday, August 25, 2012

It's Yearbook Time Again!!

I'd like you to meet the newest members of The Old Plank Yearbook Staff!!!

These Seven Super Seniors  will be capturing  the school year and mixing it all together to make the most amazing yearbook ever for all of us!!

Thanks guys and dolls - looking forward to a fabulous year!! :)

PUB it on Barnes & Noble

 PubIt! NOOK Books

This summer I found a great thing that Barnes & Noble is doing - exposing us to Independent Authors who are out there battling the reading world without the help of a large publishing company to help them! And what a SUPER thing for the new authors coming into the book world.

{This is where I found Colleen Hoover , the amazing new author who wrote Slammed and Point of Retreat. In the weeks since I found this author she has made a deal with a top publishing company.}

I found some amazing books to read in the YA {teen} section that actually didn't break my piggy bank as well. { I  think really what I  liked was the price tags the best - haha!} They had books for adults, teens and young readers as well.

Take a minute a click the link above and see what's out there for you to read. I think you will be pleasantly surprised!!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Point of Retreat - Book 2

Did you wonder what happened to Will & Lake after Slammed was finished? 

Did Colleen Hoover leave you wanting more?

Well, you are in luck since there is a book 2 called Point of Retreat which will carry you over into this wonderful couple's life after it got turned upside down and then some what put back together. 

The couple has a long way to go in their wacky life that brought them together. Serious decisions need to be made about ... what next???

Colleen Hoover has done an amazing job closing in that gap for not only Will & Lake about what comes next in their lives , but also in the lives of the little brothers and their friends.

She transforms your heart and tugs on it yet once again and leaves you crying for more!!!