Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Blue Christmas full of Christmas Bliss

Many of you know that I LOVE LOVE LOVE Mary Kay Andrews!!! 

She is one of my FAVORITE adult authors. I even snuck off to the beach a couple summers ago to meet her and grab a signed copy of her book SUMMER RENTAL that was set in the Outer Banks.

BLUE CHRISTMAS was FABULOUS!! If you haven't read it ... it just might put you into the Christmas mood a little early this year. I also find it very appropriate since our Gala in December is  Living a BLUE Christmas.

It's a quick read and not too long! It will probably only take you a couple nap times while Suzy and Johnny are sound asleep to finish it!!!

I have included a brief summary below.

 It’s the week before Christmas, and antiques dealer Weezie Foley is in a frenzy to garnish her shop for the Savannah historical district decorating contest, which she intends to win. Weezie is ready to shoot herself with her glue gun by the time she’s done, but the results are stunning. She’s certainly one-upped the owners of the trendy shop around the corner, but suddenly things start to go missing from her display, and there seems to be a mysterious midnight visitor to her shop.
Still, Weezie has high hopes for the holiday—maybe in the form of an engagement ring from her chef boyfriend. But Daniel, always moody at the holidays, seems more distant than usual.
Throw in Weezie’s decidedly odd family, a 1950s Christmas-tree pin, and even a little help from the King himself (Elvis, that is), and maybe there will be a pocketful of miracles for Weezie this Christmas Eve.

AND ... if you LOVED Blue Christmas as much as I think you will .... Check out her last release
CHRISTMAS BLISS ... Due out October 15, 2013!!!!

‘Twas the night before Christmas, and Savannah was breezy
But there's trouble afoot - and it's heading toward Weezie.
Seems BeBe’s been holding a big secret back
that would make Santa’s reindeer stop dead in their tracks.
Can these two best friends wriggle out of these twists?
Will they do it in time to ensure CHRISTMAS BLISS?


A Peek at - DIVERGENT - The Trailer

Ok, so if you have not READ Divergent .... here is a little sneak peek of the movie that comes out
 March 2014!  

I must admit that I started reading the book and half way through realized the trailer was out so I watched it and it made me hurry up and finish reading so I could find out what happened!!! Of course I am totally psyched about the movie coming this spring and I am not usually a fan of movies based on books ..... because of course we all know the books are better ... RIGHT???

Anyhow, here's the peek and hopefully maybe, just maybe if you have not read it you will. :)

Monday, October 7, 2013

FINISHED - Divergent :)

I just finished Divergent last night!!!!! 

YES!!! I know, I am a little late finishing. It's a hazard of my job .... Loosing myself I too many books at once!!!!!  I stayed up way past my bedtime to finish too!!!

All I can say is ...... If you didn't read this over the summer the. You need to hurry up and read it!!!! It was amazing!!!!  The descriptions, the relationships that are formed, the twists and turns as. The pages turn - totally worth the time! 

I LOVED the H under games! but this definitely even better than that!!! I have not watched The H under Games movie as of today, BUT I must say I am really looking forward to the release date of the Divergent movie in March 2014!!! 

So hurry up and Divergent and see what happens to Tris. Each decision she makes does change her and her life.

Definately!!!  :)

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Feeling SUPER DIGITAL ....

I must say that I am feeling super digital smart this morning!

 Super excited! 


 Yes all of the above!!!

Why you ask??? 

Because by George .... I think I got it! Well, actually I know I do!

I downloaded my first book from Sovalue Over Drive through the Black Water Regional Library!!!!

I have been wanting to do this for so long. Played around with it a little , but just didn't get it when the library started offering digital copies a year or so ago. I didn't find the library that helpful when I asked questions since it was so new there and the ladies were also just learning how to lend books that way.

So super excited!!! Downloaded Insurgent by Veronica Roth.
{can't wait to hear what happens to Tris in Book 2 of the Divergent trilogy and just 21 days away from the release of the 3rd book ... YIPPEE!!!}

All you need to do is have a library card and set up a pin number with the library.  Then click on the Overdrive button on side bar and it takes you straight to  Over Drive. Surf away until you find the book of your liking. Type in your library card number found on the back of your card and pin number when prompted and  .... BAM .... instant download available for 14 days .. free of charge!!!

They have tons of books to choose from!!!! 

{I use an iPad and downloaded a Kindle app to it for viewing my books.}

Good luck and HAPPY HAPPY reading!!! :)