Friday, December 17, 2010

Read Them and Weep

Well, not weep. This has beent he sight you have seen in our Library for almost the past 2 weeks! Ahhhh, new books - sort of does make your a little teary eyed. :)

I must say we have had some pretty excited super readers floating around this place so there might have been some tears of joy. (Probally from a few 6th graders who snuck in a bought the next 2 Book Club Books!)

We just packed it all up Wednesday.
I want to thank all the parents and grandparents who jumped in and helped. I couldn't have done it without you. (Especially since Madison decided to get sick the 2nd day of the fair - 1st time all year chose now - ha!)
The Book Fair was a HUGE success and we sold right over the amount we sold last spring!! So we have a nice pile of books to add to our collection.
Thanks again and I hope Santa brings you a book of your choice too!

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