Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Pandemonium Strikes!

February 28, 2012 , the world of literature was turned upside down once again as the fear of the deliria struck !

Lauren Oliver's follow up book in her Delirium trilogy was released and we were faced with a much wanted and desired Pandemonium.

We find answers to questions we were left with in Delirium and found new ones that left us sitting on the edges of our futons!!

What will happen to Lena?

What is in store for her future in a world gone mad and scared of Love?

Find out Spring 2013 when the final installment of this fabulous tale of tragedy and love comes to an end.

(Don't forget her eBook only Hana - told from the view point for Len's best friend Hana.)

I fell in love with Lauren last spring when she came to visit our school. Her writing just leaves you wanting more. We were privileged to be able to swing down to Raleigh, NC and meet up with her at Quail Ridge Books for a delightful afternoon of a quick chat and book signing.

If you have not read any of her books - What are you waiting for? Run out to the library or download it quick! You will not be sorry that you spent an afternoon with this amazing author and her tales of life, love and adventure!!!

PS - She also has books for younger readers ... Liesl and Po and another one headed to press this Fall 2012! She also mentioned an Adult book that is in the works as well.

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