Monday, January 13, 2014

Who Are You? Are you Sure?

Last summer I read DEFRIENDED by Ruth Baron. Loved it! Spooky, suspense and so possible in the society we live in full of social media!

Well, during Christmas Break I read IDENTITY THEFT by Anna Davies, which is actually book 2 in the Point Horror Series. Another spooky social media story that could hit home with anyone of us.

As always, the cover caught my eye ... YES!!! I love a good cover!!! The book arrived at our book fair and of course I had to buy a copy for the Library.  It sat on the counter at home for a few days screaming for me to pick it up and READ ME!!!! PLEASE!!!  Well, once I picked it up I just couldn't put it down!!!!

It's a total YA book. All about High School and applying for colleges, getting scholarships and then BAM!!! Facebook gets right in the way of Hayley's life and just about costs her EVERYTHING she has ever worked for.

Flip through the pages and see if you can figure out who the thief is.

I definitely rate this one a 5! 

A great spooky and quick read!!! :)

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