Thursday, May 12, 2011

Who Rocks? .... SHE DOES!

Who rocks you ask? Do you really have to ask after today? If you are asking it is because you have not talked to me this morning or this afternoon - because then you would know!


Lauren came and spoke to the middle and upper school students at assembly and then later in the library. She spoke about writing, the process, how she got where she is today. You name it she mentioned it.

She is a raw natural beauty of a person and such a delightful addition to our day. I have been counting down the days for her to come to SA and it was well worth the wait!!! I cannot say enough sweet things about her. She is a personable person that you could chat with all day long!!!!

Big thanks to the Franklin Library for bringing her here through a grant from the Camp Foundation! THANK YOU !!!! :)

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