Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The answer is .... ?

Yes - I mustache you this - really! 

{Silly I know, but I think the mustache craze is a tad funny and you can use them for anything and it makes me giggle!}

What are your reading plans for this year? 

Hmmm? Let me think?

Well to start off with I am finishing up Miss Dreamville - the faculty book club book - must finish before I start anything else. Great adult read!!! 

Next up I NEED to read Hana and Annabelle - both by my fav .... Lauren Oliver. They are both digital downloads that are sitting in my digital Library waiting to be read.  

March 5th - well, Lauren Oliver ... again did I tell you she is my fav? ... releases yet another digital Novella entitled Raven , which I will read and will be quickly followed my the final chapter of her Delirium Trilogy - Requiem!!! Am sad and excited to finally be reaching the finish line since this will have been a 3 year project!!!! I will  probably read Delirium and Pandemonium again just to refresh things before the last book comes out

.{So excited a printed paperback will come out in March of all 3 digital copies and will be printed together as one book - YIPPEE!}

After this - I really should finish the Match trilogy sine Reached came out in November, but I have to read Crossed first which is book number 2 in the trilogy.

It is very possible something else will catch my end and I will feel the need to read it as well.

Whatever you read - read something that excites you, takes you to a far away place , grabs hold of you and makes you say WOW!!!


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