Saturday, June 7, 2014

Happy Book Snail Mail

I came home today and checked the mail as I usually do.  Today wasn't an ordinary day though because I found a box that contained one of the greatest things ever ..... A book! Not just any book, but a brand spanking new up opened except to be signed of course by one of my most favorite ladies ever!


That's right! You guessed it! The NEW Save The Date by Mary Kay Andrews!!!!!

She was in Raleigh at Quail Ridge Books in Raleigh this week!!  Unfortunately my daughter was going to be playing in a softball  tournament that kept me from going. (RATS! ) So I contacted her and as always was delighted to hook me up with a signed copy! I already had a digital copy, but my Mom still likes to read a good ol' fashion book and I love a signed copy for my bookshelf! :) 

So thank you Mary Kay Andrews a.k.a Kathy Hogan Trocheck for being as awesome as always! I look forward to the next time our paths cross and to reading Save The Date!! 

A savannah florist is about to score the wedding of a lifetime—one that will solidify her career as the go-to-girl for society nuptials. Ironically, Cara Kryzik doesn't believe in love, even though she creates beautiful flower arrangements to celebrate them. But when the bride goes missing and the wedding is in jeopardy, Cara must find the bride and figure out what she believes in.  Maybe love really does exist outside of fairy tales after all. 

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