Monday, June 5, 2017

Calling All Mommies ..... New Release

Jenny Hale .... she has done it again! A heartfelt, feel book, beach book that leaves you feeling warm and fuzzy!!!!!

CALLING ALL MOMMIES  ...... This is the perfectly perfect written beach book! Great way to start your summer reading. If you aren't headed to the beach, maybe you'll be pool side or simply curled up during nap time ... it will leave you felling happy as a clam.

Callie and her best friend Olivia have gone and done it .... they bought the bed and breakfast that they so admired their whole lives down in the Outer Banks across from Olivia's grandmother.

Callie is too busy getting ready for their grand opening to to focus on anything else ... especially LOVE. TOO bad she has caught the attention of a local guy. Just when happiness is starting to make its way into everyone's life a little mystery arrives. Will they figure it all out and will everyone still feel the same?

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