Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Professional Development on my Own

So last summer I created an Instagram account for myself .... just for teachery and library type stuff. I am totally a visual person so I figured some fun pictures would inspire me in my teaching. Well it did ... I got ideas after ideas and found some I passed along to friends as well. I see ideas I wish I had time for , some I wish I had resources for and also simple pick me up inspiration on days I'd rather be in bed with the covers over my head. 

The one thing I found that I NEVER in my wildest dreams did I find was FRIENDS!!! Friends from around the world that face the same things I do and then some. I found people who got what I felt about being a Librarian and teacher. They understood what it was like to spend a day with amazing children and children who would need an extra push and encouragement. 

If you have not ever thought about searching out a group on Instagram to help make you a better person, mother, teacher, wife, leader, friend ..... take a minute to search out some hashtags of what inspires you. You just might find some people that make your life a little richer and FUN!!! 

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