Friday, June 12, 2015

Mother's Day Gift

What an excellent gift!!!! 

The year long wait was finally up for the newest Mark Kay Andrews' book BEACH TOWN! Usually I have to wait a week after school gets out for the release of her newest book, BUT this year that wait was cut short! LUCKY ME!!!!

Lucky and not so lucky! 

Mary Kay was in Raleigh right in the middle of our Book Fair at school so I couldn't sneak away and go see her at Qual Ridge Books, but a quick phone call and the girls at the shop were totally taking care of me .... Could I order an autographed book? Of course!! So my mom ordered me one for my bookshelf and of course for her to read as well. ;)

Beach Town :

Greer is one the search for the perfect place to film Hollywood's next biggest film. The perfect spot lands her in a sleepy little town on the Florida coast - Cypress Key.  It's a town that time has almost forgotten which is the charm  the director is searching for.

Greer has thought to have met her match when she goes up  the mayor of this sleepy little coastal town, Eben Thibadeaux. She wants to breathe life into this sweet town with this big budget film and Eb wants life to continue as it has for years - nice and quiet.

In their continuous battle back and forth between , they find out that love isn't just for the big screen. Is there really a happily ever after in real life too?

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