Saturday, June 20, 2015


Ok so I have been working - we'll sort of - reading actually; I mean it is my job , righ? So I have been reading and lounging sinc e school got out and have finished about 5 books total. 

BUT yesterday I started Paper Towns by John Green - who I have adored since reading The fault In Our Stars last summer. Anyhow, I can't put it down so I probably won't get much done this weekend until I finish it. LOL 

I love the face it counts as 1. a book a friend Tecommended to you ( cause of one of the kiddos at school say I HAD to read it!) 2. A book being made into a movie

So I like looked up the trailer on You Tube which of course basically shows me what I have already read last night .... BUT I love adding the real life images to what I have read. 

SO ..... If you are looking for a great YA Read for your summer reading. And have not read Paper Towns .... Get a copy!!!!! 

I give it 
And I am only half way through the whole story and YES I will be hitting the theaters at the end of July to see my book come to life!!!!

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