Friday, June 12, 2015

A Little Summer Fun

I'd like to live in Adams Grove, VA  ...... after reading The Adams Grove Series written by Nancy Naigle. I simply have fallen in love with this fictional town ... well sort of.

 I pass the sign for Adams Grove right off the side of Route 58 heading to Emporia. Ever since I put the sign and the stories together I have wanted ... no longed to make that right hand turn off the interstate to check it out. So the other day I finally made that turn.

I was alone and on the way to Wrightsville Beach to see my favorite college buddy and her kiddos for the week. Alone, riding , singing at the top of my lungs to a mix of songs on the iPod ..... I made that turn not knowing what I'd find. 

The fictional town I had come to love ... was it there? Nope! But the landscape was beautiful. Field after field untouched ... crops growing ... beautiful scenery.  I did find a sign to stop and take a selfie with to show I was there. 

I was glad I took the time to make the turn, leave my regular beaten path and take a minute to enjoy the scenery. 

If you have NOT read any of Nancy Naigle's books .... take a minute ... you be glad you took the time to make  a right turn as well right into Adams Grove. 

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