Monday, July 9, 2012

Did I Mention????

  ..... The 2011-2012 Old Plank Yearbook Staff won an award from Jostens???

I forgot to tell you?? Well, we did!! :)

Josten has a National Excellence Program and this years staff won!!!! YES!!! 

We were 1 of 239 school across the United States to receive this award! 

Amazing? Yes it is!!!

Am I proud? Yes, I am bursting with pride and excitement!!! 

The students did I great job! Did I ride them all year about getting things done - yes well just a little and their hard work paid off!!!

So congrats to my kiddos for a job well done!!!

Here's to an amazing year coming up and maybe a 2nd award? Who knows, but I look forward to my 2nd year and another challenge! :)

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