Monday, July 9, 2012

Just finished !

I have been a lazy reader this summer ... I must admit. :(  We have been so busy visiting and still unpacking from the move in January.

HOWEVER, I think I have gotten my reading mojo back on track!

I finished in the wee hours this morning at 2 am Spring Fever by Mary Kay Andrews! LOVED IT!!! I loved the interpersonal relationships developed in this story - even the mean Step Mother-to-Be was great!!!

I fell in love with each character in this story for their own different qualities.

Pokey, the stay-at-home momma who is the sister to the Bayless brothers and best friends with the main character Annajane. She is a hoot, loyal and so loving.  

The crazy and wild Bayless brother Davis - well, who would not love having the good looking woman's man hanging around to keep everyone on their toes? 

Sophie, the sweet 5 year old that made me think of a cute pinkaliocious child who loved treasures she hoarded in her special purse . I just wanted to smooch her sweet curly blonde face!!

Sallie, the mother of the Bayless children ...well what can I say about her? Tough ... Southern Elegance ... Private! She had many different layers that were exposed throughout the story. Crazy old bird - you had to appreciate her - she surprised me!!

Mason, Total GQ! He was so handsome in my mind and so confused how he felt about the women in his life. Although, I must say he surprised me in his loyalty to family and tossed me a serious curve ball towards the end that I LOVED!!!

Annajane , is the perfect friend! I totally enjoyed her and felt my heart break as hers did page after page. She is a smart Southern woman and comes into her own in this story. She finds inner strength she didn't know she had and takes hold of her life. She blossoms and grows and reaches new levels!!!

Just when I think Mary Kay cannot top herself she goes ahead and does it!

Take a minute a check out Mary Kay Andrews and Spring Fever!

(Of course any of her books are simply amazing!!)

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